It’s been since February since a blog post, which is bad form. Part of the deal with doing DIY anything is a small number of hands trying to do many things. Well, some things, anyway.

In April we had our first festival, The Uncertainty Festival. It was a lot of fun, and we’re planning to do another one next April. We got to have Dressy Bessy play our humble festival, amongst many other local heroes.

And in July we celebrated 4 years of being a label. That’s kind of crazy. Time flies and all that mortality stuff.

We sort of just kept what we’ve been doing, and then just last weekend we celebrated our 100th release. In just over 4 years. More mortality shit right here.

Recently, on our local community radio station, KHOI, they did a Nova Labs retrospective, playing one song from every album we’ve released, in sequential order. It took them 4 episodes of the show to do that.

But, now that we’ve patted ourselves on the back, and taken the victory lap, there’s stuff to do. Thank you to everyone who’s ever come to one of our showcases, or bought one of our releases, even if it was just your friend’s band or whatever. Maybe especially then.

We’re already working on more stuff, and trying to spread how awesome our Iowa artists are to further Iowa – this is still really DIY shit, after all. But maybe hopefully someday we can make more of the world aware of how awesome Iowa music is.

Plus the world seemed to get sort of weird awhile back, so we’re feeling pretty motivated to make the good weird even yet weirder and the bad weird less unpleasant. Art is at least one way of doing that, so let’s do more of that.

Be Seeing You.

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