NOVA-0001  Liana, “Sky Ladder.”  Released 7/30/2013.  CD, Cassette.

NOVA-0002 The Observer, “Observation 1.”  Released 7/30/2013.  CD.

NOVA-0003 Unwavery, “Boone, ca. 1995.”  Released 7/30/2013.  CD, Cassette.

NOVA-0004 People With Heads/Strong Like Bear 7″ punk split (“Blank Generation” by Richard Hell and “Dirty Boots” by Sonic Youth).  Released 1/25/2014.  7″ vinyl.

NOVA-0005 Yeti On a Budget, “Dinner Theater.” (Archive series)  Released 10/08/2013.  CD.

NOVA-0006 Obsidian’s Dream, “Plant Life.”   Released 10/08/2013.  CD.

NOVA-0007 Matthew As More, “Begin Last:  2007-2011 Collected.”  Released 7/25/2015.  3xCD.

NOVA-0008 Matthew As More, “Ellipsis (Archive series).”  Released 10/08/2013.  CD.

NOVA-0009 Matthew As More, “When Did Pride Become Something to be Proud Of? (Archive series)”  Released 7/30/2013.  CD.

NOVA-0010 Neon Lushell, “No Religion.”   Released 10/08/2013.  2xCD.

NOVA-0011 The Seed of Something, “English.”  Released 7/26/2014.  Vinyl.

NOVA-0012 Jordan Mayland and the Thermal Detonators, “I Can Control You (single).”  Released 9/28/2013.  CD.

NOVA-0013 Jordan Mayland and the Thermal Detonators, self-titled EP (Archive Series).  Released 9/28/2013. CD.

NOVA-0014 Flavor Basket, “Artificial Flavor:  A Flavor Basket Anthology.”  Released 11/14/2013. 3xCD.

NOVA-0015 Jordan Mayland & The Thermal Detonators, “I Wrote It All Down.” Released 1/25/2014.  CD.

NOVA-0016 People With Heads, “Heads Or Tales.”  Released 1/25/2014.  CD.

NOVA-0017 Doctor Murdock, “A Man From Earth On Mercury.”  Released 1/25/2014.  CD.

NOVA-0018  Beach Toys, “Endless Hummer.”  Released 1/25/2014.  CD.

NOVA-0019 Morning Sex & The Good Weed, “Morning Sex & The Good Weed:  The Album.”  Released 4/22/2014.  CD.

NOVA-0020 Fiszt, “Twisted Fiszter.”  Released 4/22/2014.  CD.

NOVA-0021 Moonrabbit, “Water Damage.”  Released 4/22/2014.  CD.

NOVA-0022 Strong Like Bear, “Over and Under.”  Released 4/22/2014.  CD.

NOVA-0023 Flavor Basket, “”  Released 7/25/2014.  CD.

NOVA-0024 Mighty Shady, “Waves (single w/B-side).”  Released 6/20/2014.  CD.

NOVA-0025 Secret Freedom, self-titled.  Released 7/25/2014.  CD.

NOVA-0026 Rockets Of Desire, self-titled.  Released 6/7/2014.  CD.

NOVA-0027 Tom Russell From Ames, self-titled.  Released 6/7/2014.  CD.

NOVA-0028 Holly And The Night Owls, self-titled.  Released 6/20/2014.

NOVA-0029 Loretta, “All These Fucking Brunettes, Man.”  Released 6/20/2014.  CD.

NOVA-0030 Mighty Shady, “DoubleThink.”  Released 7/25/2014.  CD.

NOVA-0031 Matthew As More, “Great Expectations.”  Released 10/25/2014.  CD.

NOVA-0032 MRPF3, “Invents Rock and Roll (Archive Series).”  Released 7/25/2014.  CD.

NOVA-0033 MRPF3, “Duophonia (Archive Series).”  Released 7/25/2014.  CD.

NOVA-0034 MRPF3, “Abbey Lane (Archive Series).” Released 7/25/2014.  CD.

NOVA-0035 Adam Evening, “Halfway Deluxe (Archive series).”  Released 7/25/2014.  2xCD.

NOVA-0036 Great Big Freak, “Deeelish (Archive series).”  Released 7/25/2014.  CD.

NOVA-0037 Madwheel Starfish, “You and he were…buddies, weren’t you?”  Released 7/25/2014.  CD.

NOVA-0038 Ben Witmer, “Underwater.”   Released 7/25/2014.  CD.

NOVA-0039 Flavor Basket, “Passage Ways.”  Released 10/25/2014.  CD.

NOVA-0040 Trigger-Fish, “True/False.”  Released 9/26/2014.  CD.

NOVA-0041 out of print

NOVA-0042 Pink Kodiak, “Oh!  I!  See! (single).”  Released 10/25/2014.  CD.

NOVA-0043 11 Clouds, “Carpe Noctem.”  Released 10/25/2014.  CD.

NOVA-0044 Nate Logsdon, “Bathtub Against the Sea.”  Released 10/25/2014.  CD.

NOVA-0045 Moultrigger, “Birds (Archive Series).”  Released 1/30/2015.  2xCD.

NOVA-0046 The Cryogenic Strawberries, “15 Years of Failure.”  Released 1/30/2015.  4xCD box set.

NOVA-0047 Grandchamp, “You (single).”  Released 1/30/2015.  CD.

NOVA-0048 Jose Quervo, “Live Now, Die Later.”  Released 1/30/2015.  CD.

NOVA-0049 Stratum, “Collected Works.”  Released 1/30/2015.  4xCD box set.

NOVA-0050  Various, “Nova Labs 50.”  Released 7/25/2015.  3xCD.

NOVA-0051  The Colt Walkers, “Trail of Blood & Broken Hearts.”  Released 4/18/2015. CD.

NOVA-0052  out of print

NOVA-0053  Jess DeWitt, “Prelude EP.” Released 4/18/2015. CD.

NOVA-0054  Beef Cake, “Beef on a Leash/Put the ‘Puter Within.”  Released 4/18/2015. 2xCD.

NOVA-0055  Sisko Diq, “Cradle Cat.” Released 4/18/2015. CD.

NOVA-0056  BBJr., “The History of Western Music.” Released 1/30/2015. CD.

NOVA-0057  Viet Cong Man Son, “Drones Overhead, Drones Underfoot.” Released 7/25/2015. CD.

NOVA-0058  Beyonder, “Vol. 1.” Released 7/25/2015. CD.

NOVA-0059  Dylan Boyle, “N. F. 7. D.” Released 7/25/2015. CD.

NOVA-0060  Damnation All Stars, self-titled. Released 7/25/2015. CD.

NOVA-0061  Origami Animals, “Lead Paint.” Released 7/25/2015. CD.

NOVA-0062  Nate Logsdon, “Bad Decisions/New Nickname (Archive Series).” Released 7/25/2015. 2xCD.

NOVA-0063  Various artists, “Hypothesis:  Piano.”  Released 10/24/2015.  CD.

NOVA-0064  The Lawn Chairs, “Ain’t It The Way.”  Released 5/6/2016.  CD.

NOVA-0065  Elizabeth Zimmerman, “Peace:  A Holiday Album.”  Released 12/5/2015.  CD.

NOVA-0066  Strong Like Bear, “On the Couch EP.”  Released 12/12/2015.  CD.

NOVA-0067  Ira Grace and the Bible Belt Prophets, “The Heartsleeves EP.”  Released 2/27/16.  CD.

NOVA-0068  Nate Logsdon, “Nate Logsdon Sings the Songs of Lesbian Poetry.”  Released 3/2/16.  CD.

NOVA-0069  Pets With Human Names, “Creature Comforts.”  Released 6/23/17. CD.

NOVA-0070  Great Caesar’s Goat, “Rust.”  Released 3/12/16.  CD.

NOVA-0071  Grandchamp, “Ampersand.”  Released 5/7/16.  CD.

NOVA-0072  Black Lodge/White Lodge, self-titled.  Released 5/7/2016.  CD.

NOVA-0073  Matthew As More, “Apocalypse Never.”  Released 6/18/2016.  CD.

NOVA-0074  Personal Vendetta, “Love, Hate, Junkfood.” Released 5/27/2016.  CD.

NOVA-0075  Electric Jury, “The Lake.” Released 7/30/2016.  CD.

NOVA-0076/77  The Observer, “Observation Two/Observation Three.” Released 9/10/2016.  CD.

NOVA-0078 Matthew As More, “Legalize LSD for the USA EP.” Released 9/10/2016. CD.

NOVA-0079 Liana, “Lost Cosmonauts.” Released 9/10/2016. CD.

NOVA-0080 The Other Brothers, “Rosetta.” Released 9/10/2016. CD.

NOVA-0081 Keela, “things you know.” Released 8/6/2016. CD.

NOVA-0082 The Observer All-Starr Big Band, “Strike Anywhere”. Released 3/16/20. CD.

NOVA-0083 Dang Felton, “A Knock on the Door.” Released 10/21/2016. CD.

NOVA-0084 Bleujack, self-titled. Released 1/7/2017. CD.

NOVA-0085 Mountain Eats Mountain, “Escapism.” Released 12/2/2016. CD.

NOVA-0086 Evan Campbell For Real. Released 1/7/2017. CD.

NOVA-0087 Personal Vendetta, “Punk Rock for Christmas EP.” Released 12/19/2016. CD.

NOVA-0088 Jimmi and the Scrotz, “Magnum Opus XL.” Released 1/28/2017. CD.

NOVA-0089 The Pact of Urban Grandier, self titled.  Released 1/28/2017. CD.

NOVA-0090 The Witch King, “Not By The Hand Of Man.”  Released 1/28/2017. CD.

NOVA-0091 Jordan Mayland & The Thermal Detonators, “This Mess.”  Released 3/10/2017. CD.

NOVA-0092 Curseword, “Intellectual Property.”  Released 6/3/2017. CD.

NOVA-0093 Good Morning Midnight, “Basket of Flowers.”  Released 7/20/2017. CD.

NOVA-0094 Fred Love, “Lily of the Valley.”  Released 7/1/2017. CD.

NOVA-0095 Pets With Human Names (reissue), self-titled.  Released 6/23/17. CD.

NOVA-0096 Cable the Man, “Depression Fights on the Floor.”  Released 7/29/17. CD.

NOVA-0097 Dang Felton, “The Jester and the Fool.”  Released 8/13/17. CD single.

NOVA-0098 The Pact of Urban Grandier, “Genocide Conjunct Geocide.”  Released 1/8/2018. CD.

NOVA-0099 Kona, “Mother Mastiff.”  Released 10/7/2017. CD.

NOVA-0100 Obsidian’s Dream, “Free Your Mind.” Released 10/7/2017. CD.

NOVA-0101 Bryon Dudley, “Driving Safe at Night EP.” Released 10/20/2017. CD.

NOVA-0102 Portal, “The Unconscious World.” Released 03/16/2018. CD.

NOVA-0103 Liana, “Temples.” Released 03/16/2018. CD.

NOVA-0104 Origami Animals, “Out to See.” Released 03/16/2018. CD.

NOVA-0105 Moonrabbit, “Megafauna EP.” Released 03/16/2018. CD.

NOVA-0106 Underlords of the Overworld, “Live at The Spacement.” Release tbd. CD.

NOVA-0107 The Other Brothers, “Out of Tune.” Released 04/13/2018. CD.

NOVA-0108 Real Dom, “Real Dom Vs. Heaven.” Released 06/26/2018. CD.

NOVA-0109 Iowa Junk, “Good Luck Exploring the Infinite Abyss.” Released 06/26/2018. CD.

NOVA-0110 The Observer, “A Custom Universe.” Released 07/28/2018. CD.

NOVA-0111 Lionessa, “Inner Space.” Released 07/28/2018. CD.

NOVA-0112 Ben Schrag and the Cautionaries, “Break Me In.” Released 07/28/2018. CD.

NOVA-0113 Flavor Basket/Adam Evening (split), “Frog Pocket.” Released 09/30/2018. CD.

NOVA-0114 Lizzy Poppyseed, “Stone Ground.” Released 10/12/2018. CD.

NOVA-0115 The Pact of Urban Granier, “God the Abortionist.” Released 11/1/2018. CD.

NOVA-0116 Strong Like Bear, “Christmas is Coming!” Released 12/23/2018. CD.

NOVA-0117 Marc Bailey, “True to Life EP.” Released 3/2/2019. CD.

NOVA-0118 Strong Like Bear, “Passing Through the Waves.” Released 3/2/2019. CD.

NOVA-0119 Origami Animals, “Diamonds in the Rust.” Released 3/2/2019. CD.

NOVA-0120 Liana/Elizabeth Zimmerman, “4 Leaf Clover/Mountain Lullaby.” Released 3/2/2019. Split 7 inch (limited edition).

NOVA-0121 Liana, self-titled. Released 7/26/2019. CD.

NOVA-0122 Bleujack, “R.P.O.S.”. Released 7/26/2019. CD.

NOVA-0123 Kemble the Band, “Work This Thing Out”. Released 9/22/2019. CD.

NOVA-0124 Annalibera, “Moonbath”. Released 11/22/2019. CD, cassette.

NOVA-0125 Jake Kemble, “Take This Hurt”. Released 11/22/2019. CD.

NOVA-0126 Origami Animals, “Pink Time Machine”. Released 8/10/20. CD.

NOVA-0127 Bryon Dudley, “Stitches”. Released 2/14/2020. CD.

NOVA-0128 Sean Tyler, “s/t”. Released 2/17/2020. CD.

NOVA-0129 City Gardens, “High Tide”. Released 7/20/2020. 7″.

NOVA-0130 The Observer, “tba”. To be released early 2020. CD.

NOVA-0131 Strong Like Bear, “Quarantine Singles #1: Three Wizards.” Released 4/10/20. Digital.

NOVA-0132 Strong Like Bear, “Quarantine Singles #2: Insomnia.” Released 4/17/20. Digital.

NOVA-0133 Fred Love, “The Nine Days EP.” Released 6/17/20. CD.

NOVA-0134 Bryon Dudley, “Stimulus Package EP.” Released 7/8/20. CD.

NOVA-0135 Jimmi and the Scrotz, “Nippleodeon (Anniversary Edition).” TBD. CD.

NOVA-0136 Satchel Bruna, “From Out My Stainglass.” Released 12/8/20. CD, vinyl.

NOVA-0137 The Pact of Urbain Grandier/Soylent Jr. Split 7″. Vinyl. Released 2/14/21.

NOVA-0138 Marc Bailey, “Yuletide Bangers EP.” Released 12/18/20. CD.

NOVA-0139 Marc Bailey, “The Art of Detox.” Released 12/11/20. CD.

NOVA-0140 Elizabeth Zimmerman, “Roots of Rhythm.” Released 1/8/21. CD.

NOVA-0141 Portal, “Away From The Origin.” Released 12/21/20. CD.

NOVA-0142 Marc Bailey, “Pt. II: Born For Leaving/Someday Soon. Released 2/6/21. 7”.

NOVA-0143 Austin Barnhill, “Hum.” To Be Released 08/21. CD.

NOVA-0144 King Gizzard and the Lizard Wizard, TBA.

NOVA-0145 Chris Patterson, “Too Old To Die Young.” Released 7/22-21. CD.

NOVA-0146 Good Morning Midnight. “Songs of Violence.” Released 8/6/21. CD.

NOVA-0147 Strong Like Bear, “In The Future, Only The Rich Will Live Forever.” Released 6/25/21. CD.

NOVA-0148 Strong Like Bear/Miss Christine, “Alone At Sea/Self-Sabotage” 7 inch split. Released 08/12/21. Digital.

NOVA-0149 Jeff Schipull, “The Deer.” CD. Released 7/2/21.

NOVA-0150 Great Caesar’s Goat, “Gasoline and Gravel.” To be released 08/20/21. CD.

NOVA-0151 Marc Bailey, “Million To One – Look For Me EP.” Released 11/26/21. CD.

NOVA-0152 Josh Elwer, “Looking Forward To It All.” Released 3/7/22. CD.

NOVA-0153 Austin Barnhill, “Trouble Down.” To be released in 2022. CD.

NOVA-0154 The Observer, “Disappear Into Ether.” To be released in 2022. CD.

NOVA-0155 Bryon Dudley and Mediaphile, “Bad Egg EP.” Released 9/20/22. CD.

NOVA-0156 Spare Mondays, “A Face Only A Hammer Could Love.” Released 4/1/23. CD.

NOVA-0157 Moonrabbit, “IV.” Released 4/21/23.

Nova Laffs releases:

LAFF-0001 Joey Ficken, “The Wind Has Been Blowing For Years”  Released 1/20/15.  CD.