With our launch in the rearview mirror, we’ve had some really great people say some nice things about what we’re doing. ¬†Check out Dave Murphy’s review of the Liana disc here.

For some great pics from the launch by Michael Watson of Des Moines Juice, clickety click here.

And our friend Joe Lawler did an article about The Seed of Something’s campaign to fund their album on Nova Labs right over here.

We’re excited by all of this, and very grateful for the support. ¬†And we have a TON of things on the horizon that we can’t wait to tell you about.

Let’s start with our announcement of Wave Two, our next four releases:

Obsidian’s Dream – “Plant Life” (their full length debut CD)

Neon Lushell – “No Religion” (double disc CD)

Yeti on a Budget – “Dinner Theatre” (Archive Deries CD)

Matthew as More – “Ellipsis” (Archive Series CD)

We’re also very excited about our Archive Series – this series will feature Iowa albums that were previously released, but either didn’t get the attention they deserved, or else need a good remastering job on them to update them to current audiophile standards, or else we just think they’re great (possibly all of the above).

One of the Archive albums on our horizon is from 1997, a bona fide Iowa classic!

We have a few more announcements coming soon, including some cassette only releases, and some pretty major records we’re excited for you to hear.

Thanks for listening.

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