Phew.  We have been busy here at Nova Labs, and we have a metric ton of music and goodness coming up for you, and many, many things in the works.  First up, though, check out our friend Josh’s review of The Observer EP:

You can also buy Bree Cobb’s scream from the Unwavery album in our store!  Only 99 cents!

We are also proud to have Paradox in Boone be the first storefront to house our products.  You can learn more about them here:

There will be more to come on that front in the not so distant future – we’re working with retailers right now to get Nova Labs releases in stores.

Neon Lushell’s album “No Religion” will be released on October 8th, but if you’re chomping at the bit to hear some of it, they’re posting one song a day off of it on their Bandcamp page here:

We are also super proud to announce that we’re releasing a single off of the new Jordan Mayland and the Detonators album, just in time for the Maximum Ames Music Festival, along with a special re-release of their first EP!  We’ll have two separate tables at the Fest, one at the Obsidian’s Dream show at the Mucky Duck Pub, and another as Jordan and the crew open for The Zombies!  Yes, THOSE Zombies!

Thank you for your support, we have more things coming at you soon.

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