Our October Halloweiner release show is now in the rear view mirror, and it was a blast.  There were wieners, of course, and performances by Bleujack (who we sure hope to work with more in the future), Nate Logsdon, Pink Kodiak, 11 Clouds, and Instants.  Pink Kodiak and 11 Clouds had never released anything before at a show, and 11 Clouds had never played a live show before, so, DEBUTS!

And we’re super proud to have released the new Nate Logsdon album, which he recorded in Iowa City with Brooks Strause and an all-star Iowa City band line-up.  Nate, Brooks, and Lesbian Poetry are doing a tour this week, and we wish Nate the best as he roams around Iowa promoting “Bathtub Against The Sea.”

So now we’re taking a quick breather, but we’re also sort of working on new stuff in the background, because we frankly can’t seem to help ourselves.  We have a holiday sampler coming up we’re juiced to tell you about, a publishing venture that will soon see the light of day, a couple of our artists are playing this year’s Little Big Fest, and we’re already putting some things together for a January showcase.

And on November 13th, we’ll be at DG’s Taphouse, recording Joey Ficken’s comedy show, for our first comedy album!

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