We just wanted to thank Nate Logsdon for the nice write up that he did on Nova Labs in the Ames Tribune recently.  As always Nate is a great pillar of the Iowa music scene, so we appreciate his efforts to get the word out about NL.  Thanks Nate!

The Ames Scene: Nova Labs: New Ames label to showcase underground and outsider art

By Nate Logsdon

Ames Out Loud

This week, the brand new Ames label Nova Labs announced that they are preparing for a late summer launch. The label will be a means of distributing some of the more far-out sounds of Ames’ underground scene, which is a rich and fascinating facet of our musical culture. The label is leading with three strong releases from Unwavery, The Observer and Matthew As More. Stay tuned for more info on Nova Labs, this will be your way of accessing the freaky side of the town we all love.”

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