The April release show at DG’s was another rousing success, with the sellout of the Moonrabbit album, and the total consumption of all the sandwiches (shoutout again to West Street Deli, who worked with us there, and especially to Ryan, who sacrificed part of his thumb while slicing tomatoes for the occasion).  We’ve gone back to the Labs TWICE now to keep up with demand for the Moonrabbit disc, which is exactly the sort of problem we like to have.

We’ve been gearing up for July, wherein Your Humble Narrators have concocted a mega-event at DG’s Taphouse again, featuring a large number of bands, and our largest number of releases in one sitting yet, to celebrate our first anniversary.  Hard to believe it’s been almost a year, and by the time the dust has settled, we will have had well over 30 releases under our metaphorical, scientific belts…

BUT, before that, we are excited to announce that we’ll be releasing some albums in June, to help stem the loneliness in the meantime, and also because we are proud to be putting out a steady stream of Iowa’s greatest artists.

On June 7th, we’ll be releasing the debut album from Rockets Of Desire, along with the Tom Russell From Ames album (Tom found out there’s other Tom Russells in the world, so wanted to distinguish himself, hence the moniker).  Both these records were recorded at the same time, in multiple studios over the last two years, and feature a lot of local musicians, playing an eclectic blend of folk, blues, classical, and about any other genre you wanna toss into the stew.

Tom’s having a house concert for the release at he and his wife’s house, with Bleujack and Arise, Devilfish! supporting.

And on June 20th we are proud to announce the release of the long-awaited debut album from Holly And The Night Owls, during a show at the afore-and-oft-mentioned DG’s Taphouse!  That VERY SAME NIGHT we’ll also be releasing a single from Mighty Shady (whose full length album will be out with the Labs in July), and our very first hip-hop release, Loretta.

Even when we take time off, apparently we feel the need to put out new Iowa music.

And you can look for much more from us very, very soon…

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