Thanks to everyone who came to DG’s Taphouse this last Saturday for our launch party.  It was an absolute blast, and everyone seemed to be having a good time.

We started things out with a future Nova Lab artist, Lyndsay Audra, walking around DG’s serenading people, while Bistro on Broad set up the amazing taco bar.

Nude Girls kicked things off, delivering a groovy and experimental set, then Bumpin’ Uglies got people dancing and laughing (one song featured a member dressed as a whoopie cushion, and they were pleasantly surprised that Ames knew who The Frogs were before covering one of their songs).

Liana had a guest dancer, Emily Olson, for a song, with Adam Brimeyer delivering a light show to complement the performance, and they debuted a new song and covered a song by labelmated Unwavery (in shoegaze style).  It was also the last regular performance of member Molly Clark, so a fond farewell was bid.  The band all wore cat shirts.

Unwavery pulled out all the stops, beginning with a shadow puppet show with an overhead projector through the window of a prepared door, with animated characters and tacos dancing in the window, before giving a memorable performance that included popcorn everywhere and a very Unwavery cover of a Liana song (they cleaned up the popcorn afterwards because they’re good folks like that).  They also raffled off some items and sold unique cassettes.

And The Wheelers, well, they raged through their performance, because that’s what they do, and it was the perfect burst of energy to polish off the evening.

We gave away Nova Labs stickers and sampler discs with future artists (all unreleased tracks!), gave away Liana remix discs to anyone who purchased the regular disc, and Matthew as More surprised people by having a handful of copies of his new record for sale.  We even managed to sell out of a few things, so we’re back to manufacturing more discs!

It was an amazing night, and we can’t wait to do more with everyone!

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