-On November 14th we’ll be releasing our first triple-disc set, the complete recordings of Flavor Basket, in a beautiful digipak jam-packed full of glorious songs encompassing the entire recorded career of this Ames artist. ┬áPreorders are available in the store right now, and will be at the release show at DG’s Taphouse right here in Ames.

-This November 16th marks the third outing of the Zeitgeist noise festival in Boone, and we’re proud to announce the launch of our new all-noise tape label, Zeitgeist!

-We’ll also be having our first Des Moines based Nova Labs event on December 27th at Vaudeville Mews, featuring Nova Labs recording artists Obsidian’s Dream, Unwavery, and Liana, and future Nova Labs artist Diamonds For Eyes! ┬áTickets will be 5 bucks, and we’re seriously pumped to bring the Labs down to the capital city for a night.

-And mark your calendars for January 25th – our third wave of releases will be hitting the streets, and we have another DG’s Taphouse show booked with a line-up that is INSANE…

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