April Sandwiches and Releases

Our January release party at DG’s Taphouse was a rousing success, our biggest party yet!  A huge thank you to DG’s, and to everyone who came out to support it.  We sold out of all three of our CD releases, and had to hit the Labs to make more to fulfill pre-orders.  Which made us completely giddy – it’s nice to see these great artists getting love like that!

We’re happy to announce our next party, on Friday, April 18th, also at DG’s Taphouse.  Our friends at Maximum Ames Records have a new album coming out from their newest artist, Twins, and Gloom Balloon will be returning again on the bill to launch their tour at this show.

There will also be sandwiches.

And we’re proud to be releasing some new albums, too.  You’ll be able to pick up the debut EP from Fiszt, “Twisted Fiszter,” the avant-jazz collaboration between Erin Radach and Matthew As More.  Morning Sex & The Good Weed will be performing at the show and releasing their debut album, appropriately titled, “Morning Sex & The Good Weed:  The Album.”  Moonrabbit will play in support of their own debut album, “Water Damage.”  And Strong Like Bear will be releasing their debut full-length, “Over and Under,” and playing a set as well.

And sandwiches.

We have some other news in the not-too-distant future as well, with more releases on the horizon and our first birthday party – hard to believe it’ll be a year in July already!

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Jordan Mayland & The Thermal Detonators Video, January Preorders

-Congratulations to Jordan Mayland & The Thermal Detonators – the single “I Can Control You” from the album “I Wrote It All Down” has had a video produced for it by the fine folks at DEFT, and the video debuted today on Huffington Post!

You can watch the video here.

-We’ve also added our newest releases to the Store page, and  you can pre-order them!  Check out the new albums by Doctor Murdock, People With Heads, and Beach Toys, and the new split 7″ vinyl from People With Heads and Strong Like Bear, all only 5 bucks each!

-The sold out Flavor Basket Anthology has just had a second pressing and is available once more in the Store!  Get ‘em before they’re gone again!

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Winter Releases and Shows

We’re super excited to announce some more epic releases, and some new additions to the Nova Labs family.

This New Year’s Eve we’re proud to release the all-new Jordan Mayland & The Thermal Detonators full length disc, “I Wrote It All Down.”  Jordan worked hard on this eclectic album, recorded by Phil Young of Wabi Sound, and it will be available for the first time at DG’s Taphouse when 2014 is officially rung in.  It’s been a great year for Jordan and the Detonators, opening for The Zombies during the Maximum Ames Music Festival, and having the single “I Can Control You” hitting the airwaves on KURE and IPR.  A video for that single will be debuting very soon, and you can read more about it in this week’s cover story in Des Moines Juice right here.  Check out the release show at DG’s, when the band plays alongside Mumford’s, Trouble Lights, Mark Mallman, and Doctor Murdock.

Wait, what, Doctor Murdock?  Did someone say Doctor Murdock?

Well, on January 25th, also at DG’s Taphouse, you’ll find Doctor Murdock there, playing alongside some other great bands, because that’s our next release show – they’ll be supporting their new Nova Labs disc, “A Man From Earth.”

That very same day, we’ll also be releasing the long-awaited People With Heads disc, “Head Or Tales,” and our very first piece of vinyl, a 7″ punk-ass split with one side being People With Heads covering Richard Hell’s “Blank Generation” and the flip side being Strong Like Bear covering Sonic Youth’s “Dirty Boots.”

Also on January 25th is the Beach Toys debut album, “Endless Hummer.”  Punk covers of Beach Boys songs?  Hell yes.

That’s a helluva start to 2014.  We hope you’ll join us for these shows.

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Flavor Basket Anthology, Des Moines Showcase, Tapes, Next Wave

-On November 14th we’ll be releasing our first triple-disc set, the complete recordings of Flavor Basket, in a beautiful digipak jam-packed full of glorious songs encompassing the entire recorded career of this Ames artist.  Preorders are available in the store right now, and will be at the release show at DG’s Taphouse right here in Ames.

-This November 16th marks the third outing of the Zeitgeist noise festival in Boone, and we’re proud to announce the launch of our new all-noise tape label, Zeitgeist!

-We’ll also be having our first Des Moines based Nova Labs event on December 27th at Vaudeville Mews, featuring Nova Labs recording artists Obsidian’s Dream, Unwavery, and Liana, and future Nova Labs artist Diamonds For Eyes!  Tickets will be 5 bucks, and we’re seriously pumped to bring the Labs down to the capital city for a night.

-And mark your calendars for January 25th – our third wave of releases will be hitting the streets, and we have another DG’s Taphouse show booked with a line-up that is INSANE…

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Wave Two Launch Party, New Store Items, More to Come!

On Saturday, Oct. 5th, we had our second release party, putting out albums by Obsidian’s Dream, Neon Lushell, Matthew As More, and a remaster of the classic Yet On A Budget album, as well as the Jordan Mayland And The Thermal Detonators EP and single.

It was a night to remember.  The theme of the show was “No Tacos,” a response to the taco buffet Bistro On Broad generously threw for us at our label launch party back in July.  The joke was supposed to be, ‘no tacos, but there’s hot dogs!’  And indeed, there were many hot dogs (and veggie dogs) on hand.

A little ways into the show, though, a shipment of tacos showed up at the door, causing a brief amount of confusion – turns out the guys in Obsidian’s Dream had reverse pranked us and had Fighting Burrito tacos delivered!

Elizabeth Zimmerman turned in a killer set of original tunes and jazz standards (and a jazzy cover of an Obsidian’s Dream tune!), Stewardesses got people out on the dance floor, and during the Obsidian’s set they had guests Britches and Hose join them on stage for their song “Plant Life” before diving into a version of The Who’s “Baba O’Reilly.”  Doctor Murdock rocked a set that ended with “Staying Alive,” and Christopher the Conquered whipped things into a frenzy with his new trio format.

All in all, a fun evening for everyone, and we’re glad to work with DG’s Taphouse in Ames to plan such events.

Besides the new albums in our store, also check out new items, like the official Obsidian’s Dream shirt, and the most recent Elizabeth Zimmerman album – more from her later, as she’s going to be a future Nova Labs artist!

We’re already making plans for our January release show, with some announcements coming soon, as well as the super deluxe limited Flavor Basket box set coming out next month…and who knows what else we’ll cook up?

Thanks for listening!

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Observer reviewed, Bree screams, Paradox sells, Neon Lushell advance tracks, Jordan Mayland and the Thermal Detonators announcement

Phew.  We have been busy here at Nova Labs, and we have a metric ton of music and goodness coming up for you, and many, many things in the works.  First up, though, check out our friend Josh’s review of The Observer EP:


You can also buy Bree Cobb’s scream from the Unwavery album in our store!  Only 99 cents!

We are also proud to have Paradox in Boone be the first storefront to house our products.  You can learn more about them here:  https://www.facebook.com/818paradox

There will be more to come on that front in the not so distant future – we’re working with retailers right now to get Nova Labs releases in stores.

Neon Lushell’s album “No Religion” will be released on October 8th, but if you’re chomping at the bit to hear some of it, they’re posting one song a day off of it on their Bandcamp page here:  http://neonlushell.bandcamp.com/album/no-religion

We are also super proud to announce that we’re releasing a single off of the new Jordan Mayland and the Detonators album, just in time for the Maximum Ames Music Festival, along with a special re-release of their first EP!  We’ll have two separate tables at the Fest, one at the Obsidian’s Dream show at the Mucky Duck Pub, and another as Jordan and the crew open for The Zombies!  Yes, THOSE Zombies!

Thank you for your support, we have more things coming at you soon.

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Press, Wave Two Announced

With our launch in the rearview mirror, we’ve had some really great people say some nice things about what we’re doing.  Check out Dave Murphy’s review of the Liana disc here.

For some great pics from the launch by Michael Watson of Des Moines Juice, clickety click here.

And our friend Joe Lawler did an article about The Seed of Something’s campaign to fund their album on Nova Labs right over here.

We’re excited by all of this, and very grateful for the support.  And we have a TON of things on the horizon that we can’t wait to tell you about.

Let’s start with our announcement of Wave Two, our next four releases:

Obsidian’s Dream – “Plant Life” (their full length debut CD)

Neon Lushell – “No Religion” (double disc CD)

Yeti on a Budget – “Dinner Theatre” (Archive Deries CD)

Matthew as More – “Ellipsis” (Archive Series CD)

We’re also very excited about our Archive Series – this series will feature Iowa albums that were previously released, but either didn’t get the attention they deserved, or else need a good remastering job on them to update them to current audiophile standards, or else we just think they’re great (possibly all of the above).

One of the Archive albums on our horizon is from 1997, a bona fide Iowa classic!

We have a few more announcements coming soon, including some cassette only releases, and some pretty major records we’re excited for you to hear.

Thanks for listening.

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Launch Party Success!

Thanks to everyone who came to DG’s Taphouse this last Saturday for our launch party.  It was an absolute blast, and everyone seemed to be having a good time.

We started things out with a future Nova Lab artist, Lyndsay Audra, walking around DG’s serenading people, while Bistro on Broad set up the amazing taco bar.

Nude Girls kicked things off, delivering a groovy and experimental set, then Bumpin’ Uglies got people dancing and laughing (one song featured a member dressed as a whoopie cushion, and they were pleasantly surprised that Ames knew who The Frogs were before covering one of their songs).

Liana had a guest dancer, Emily Olson, for a song, with Adam Brimeyer delivering a light show to complement the performance, and they debuted a new song and covered a song by labelmated Unwavery (in shoegaze style).  It was also the last regular performance of member Molly Clark, so a fond farewell was bid.  The band all wore cat shirts.

Unwavery pulled out all the stops, beginning with a shadow puppet show with an overhead projector through the window of a prepared door, with animated characters and tacos dancing in the window, before giving a memorable performance that included popcorn everywhere and a very Unwavery cover of a Liana song (they cleaned up the popcorn afterwards because they’re good folks like that).  They also raffled off some items and sold unique cassettes.

And The Wheelers, well, they raged through their performance, because that’s what they do, and it was the perfect burst of energy to polish off the evening.

We gave away Nova Labs stickers and sampler discs with future artists (all unreleased tracks!), gave away Liana remix discs to anyone who purchased the regular disc, and Matthew as More surprised people by having a handful of copies of his new record for sale.  We even managed to sell out of a few things, so we’re back to manufacturing more discs!

It was an amazing night, and we can’t wait to do more with everyone!

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The Seed of Something to be released on Nova Labs with help from campaign!

We are now actively working with the great Des Moines band The Seed of Something to release their album “English” on vinyl, sometime in the Fall of 2013.

Recorded at Sound Farm (the great studio where Slipknot goes, if you didn’t already know that) by the uber-team of Ryan Martin and Dan Hutchinson, “English” is a slab of upbeat garage rock with just the right amount of snottiness to it.

You can help the guys get this record out by contributing here:  http://www.indiegogo.com/projects/help-the-seed-of-something-put-out-an-album

You’ll get a copy of the record, destined to be a musical piece of Iowa history, and some freebies as well, along with the satisfaction of supporting local music.

Nova Labs is honored to have this be our first full-length vinyl release.

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First wave releases preorders now available, with free shipping to Ames!

Our first three records, The Observer’s “Observation 1,” Unwavery’s “Boone, ca. 1995,” and Liana’s “Sky Ladder” are now all available for preorder in our Store.  They’re released officially July 30, but you can also buy them at our label launch taco party extravaganza on July 27th at DG’s Taphouse in Ames!

If you live in Ames and are thinking “hey, I hate paying postage, that sucks, you guys live here, what’s up with that?”, then fret not, local person, we have your back.  For ANY and EVERY order that is being delivered to an address in Ames, just use the coupon code AMESISHOME, and you will get free shipping!  Plus we’ll deliver it to your door!

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